June 1, 2018

Things Your Boss Always Notices About You

In this rapid pace work, people are continuously facing new challenges and new tasks, what would you do if you were asked to perform a job that you don’t know how to do? First of all, be certain that we have all dealt with fear and anxiety surrounding our work. So, to overcome this obstacle, there are four key steps:

1. The time you come to work and the time you leave: Sticking to the working hours is essential and considered one of the most important things every boss notices, especially if he is the type that arrives early to work. In addition, the majority of the bosses monitor the time you leave your work. They tend to love those who leave after their working hours and look in a suspicious eye towards those who leave on time.

2. The way you dress: The physical appearance is always important at work; getting dressed in a comfortable yet elegant way is always recommended. You should also choose your clothes in a relatively similar way to your colleagues’ dress code.

3.  Technology use: Bosses tend to like those who use technology to make things done quickly or in a more efficient manner. However, they get really upset when noticing that you use your personal phone a lot, making personal calls or chatting with your colleagues. They also tend to monitor your use of social media sites, so limit your access to them to the minimum.

4. Initiatives taken: Taking an initiative is always a plus in the eyes of your boss, but make sure that this initiative comes within your job framework so that it is not interpreted as a way to escape your duties or interfere in other’s duties. Thus, let us keep in mind this quote of President Theodore Roosevelt, and move forward in our careers!

5. Time management: Finishing tasks on time, setting priorities, and keeping some time for any emergency are key factors for successful time management approach. Time is an essential factor that bosses give great importance to, so beware of the breaks you take and of the time you spend in completing each and every task required.

6. Language and tone: The language and terms you use reflect your personality. Avoid using vulgar terms and especially cursing. Watch for the tone of your voice as it says a lot about you.

7. Attending the company’s parties/events: Being present at the various events organized by the company is a sign of respect to your boss and your colleagues; make sure to attend them gladly and give them priority. After all, you spend more time at work than you spend at home, and you have to be in good terms with your colleagues.

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