May 31, 2018

Signs that show you’re a Micromanager

By definition, a micromanager is a manager who closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees, and this generally has a negative connotation.
As most of the people who have experienced work with a micromanager stated that this was a frustrating, demoralizing and demotivating experience. Yet, some managers can’t seem to help themselves. Dealing with a controlling boss who doesn’t trust you is tough, but what if you’re the one doing the micromanaging?

Review your attitudes, actions and thoughts and see if you are a micromanager, and if you are, it’s about time to shift and change this attitude, for your best interest and for the best interest of your subordinates.
Are you a micromanager, check this list and decide!

 You resist delegating work.
2- You immerse yourself in the work assigned to others.
3- You look at the detail instead of the big picture and take pride in making corrections.
4- You discourage others from making decisions.
5- You monitor what’s least important and expect regular reports on miscellany.
6- You push aside the experience and knowledge of colleagues.
7- You lose loyalty and commitment.
8- You constantly need to know where all your team members are.
9- You focus on the wrong priorities.
10-  You have a de-motivated team.
11-  You ask for frequent updates and asked to be cc’d on all correspondence.
12-You’re never satisfied with the deliverables and feel frustrated because you would have done the task differently.

If you found out that you are a micromanager, try to find the reason behind your attitude, sometimes it has to do with trust and a high sense of responsibility.
To modify your attitude, you can follow these tips:

  • Tell a mentor or a close friend that you’re trying to change your management style and ask for ongoing feedback.

  • Start delegating small tasks without giving step-by-step instructions.

  • Listen to the employee’s challenges or insights, while bearing in mind the company’s objectives.

  • Build a more personal relationship with the employees so that you start trusting them and believing in their capacities.

Good luck, changing is never easy, but realizing that you have to change in the first step on the right path! These simple steps can mean a great deal to employees. Add to them a touch of creativity, encourage your employees to hold meetings as you are having a walk, share a snack together and encourage them to take breaks, you will definitely feel the difference, and so would they!

The Business Lobby Team


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