June 3, 2023

Communication is Key!

Communication is key!


You have heard that numerous times throughout your life, but did you know that the same rule is applicable in your professional life too?


Similar to a relationship, too many miscommunications can lead to unhappiness and even result in someone deciding to break up completely. In fact, good communication in the workplace among employees is so effective that it can increase retention rates significantly.


Non effective communication not only exists in your personal relationships; you will find it in the workplace , where it could make everything fall apart. 


Here are 3 positive things that will come out of effective communication:


Everyone Gets Along

Good communication between both employees and employers brings up a harmonious work environment. Happy people engender a productive work environment. Hostility created through gossip or misinterpreted conversation can seriously harm the culture of the workplace.

When everyone gets along, you will feel the teamwork and everyone working towards the vision and mission of the institution. This sets the tone for that organizations culture. In addition, good relationships with co-workers will lead employees to feel more appreciated. Receiving positive feedback lets that employee feel valued.

Imagine a boss constantly berating you about what you can do better. It is no fun, right? Now imagine a boss telling you what you are doing that’s good and helping you elaborate on how to work on it. 

Which scenario sounds ideal? The answer should be obvious!


Sharing ideas

Effective communication allows employees to feel free about approaching leadership with problems and ideas. When there is a open communication, employees will feel at ease to discuss any concerns they have. By doing so, they might not feel like the only other option is to find another job.

Being able to share ideas, employees will feel like they are contributing and an asset to the company.


 Spreading the Wealth 

When employees are happy where they work, they are more likely to participate in employee engagement by recommending the company to their network, opening up a wider pool of talent for recruiting.

Many potential hires will often research on a company before committing to the job, and positive reviews from existing employees can make a huge difference! 

They can create an attractive brand for the company and open the door to hiring great talent.