July 29, 2023

The Hype Concerning Internship Programs

Many of us have recently familiarized ourselves with the term “intern.” In case you still haven’t crossed paths with this term, today is your lucky day. Interns are mainly students or trainees who are trying to gain work experience or trying to meet certain qualifications regardless of getting paid. In most universities, internship programs are obligatory for students to complete their bachelor's degrees.

Some companies believe that having an intern around is more of a burden than a blessing, but today we will be shedding light on the pros of having an internship program in your company.

Here are some benefits of having an internship program:

Fresh perspectives always work to your advantage. When you hire interns in your company, you are automatically hiring the freshest breed of soon-to-be employees. What you’d want to do is learn from them as much as they are learning from you. The fact that they are continuing students or fresh graduates means that you have a front-row seat in the recent findings and lessons that universities strive to teach all over the world.

Tech-savvy individuals come hand in hand with your next interns. Being part of Gen Z means that those individuals were born with a smartphone in their hands. Although you might be a young entrepreneur, it is always useful to get some help from individuals who have technology in their genes, whether it's software or social media.

A low-budget training period sounds great. So many interns end up showing potential and success in the internship program you offer. It would be a shame to let them go as soon as their internship is over. Many companies are lucky to have an intern who gets familiar with all the ins and outs of their work. Those interns make exceptional job candidates considering they have already gone through thorough training.

Giving back to the community can mean many things. In this case, many students are forced to complete internships before they graduate. Those internships are then documented and sent to their study programs to assess the students. Finding an internship is always hard because not many companies find the need to hire. Looking at it that way, no one would want to offer their help. However, seeing it from a community service perspective gives your company more recognition than you think.

Free advertisement is too good to be true. What if I tell you that having interns will provide you with that? When a student gets their first job in which they are happy, there won’t be a person in their inner circle who doesn’t hear about it. Those Gen Z individuals who still have a wide range of contacts can act as great brand advocates.

Giving your employees a break doesn’t have to mean that you increase their days off. Having interns in each department can take away some weight from your employees. They have someone they can now rely on while they shift their focus to more pressing matters. Interns can help you with tasks you struggle to complete.

A budget-friendly set of hands. Keep in mind that interns can't and should not replace employees. You can either hire an intern with no salary, or you can give that intern a salary that suits you considering the circumstances. Interns need your help as much as you need theirs, so keep that in mind while developing an internship program and deciding whether your intern will get a salary or not. Moreover, paid internships attract better candidates and employees who are more eligible. Keep in mind that internships should be like training that provides a full educational experience regardless of whether it's paid or not.

Get in touch with your HR team to study whether an internship program works for your company or not. If it does, get ahead of other companies and spread the word regarding your internship programs. Your main target should be universities since most of the time universities pair students with internship programs.

Jade N. Kfoury

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