October 27, 2023

Seven Golden Habits to Becoming Organized

We often dream of running a less chaotic house, office or life. We hope we could be able to work less and accomplish more. Being organized is not a dream, it is something that can become real with just few steps.

Develop these habits and you would certainly decrease your stress level and increase your self-esteem.

1. Learn how to say “No”: When you are offered something that doesn’t suit your lifestyle and ambitions, simply reject it without feeling sorry about it.

2. Let go of the perfectionism: Limit your perfectionism tendencies to your priorities and with the rest of the tasks, simply get the job done.

3. Label everything: Organized people don’t label anything as miscellaneous. They pack and label everything in a systematic manner, so that they don’t spend time searching for what they want.

4. Clean progressively: Instead of piling tasks, do them progressively, this way you won’t have to spend much time doing them and everything would remain in order.

5. Know the power of one: Use only one account, one credit card, one email address, this would help making things less complicated and easier.

6. Plan in advance and in details: Divide each task to simple and small tasks, this would help you stay in control and achieve tasks quickly.

7. Make quality dominate over quantity: Being surrounded by quality items is way better than having many of things that you don’t need.

Now, you can be organized and pave your way to success, thus respecting the most valuable blessing we have: TIME.


The Business Lobby Team


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