April 1, 2023

Our Newest Team Member

Imagine yourself, sitting at home on a day off, or at work during a very busy day. You hear about a certain seminar you want to attend, but really have no time or energy to move, drive, interact with people. What if one of your new year resolutions was to acquire new skills and techniques, but find yourself drowning in traffic and days off in order to do so? What if you want your employers to attend a seminar, but have a very big project due and can’t really afford to waste time?

The solution has been in front of your face this whole time, but now, Business Lobby is proudly ready to make it more achievable.


What is it?

We are talking about webinars; seminars that have been adapted to the internet, specifically to video chatting. All it simply takes is a computer or laptop with a microphone and speakers, an online registration and a username. Also, like every educative activity, webinars require an open mind, a curiosity to learn, and an eager to advance and never stop developing your-self. What better way is there than to do all that while attending the webinars of your choice from the comfort of your office or your homes?


Topics and Speakers

We have a very rapid growing and rapid changing market, which requires us to adapt to it in order to remain successful. Therefore, many of the topics we discuss are regarded to market needs in specific times from both employers and job seekers perspectives. In addition, most of the topics that are tackled will be concerning self-development, since we believe that there is always room for growth. In all, our webinars offer general topics that fit to everyone’s needs, as well as specific targeted programs for focused needs. One of our aims is to shed a light on local coaches, by giving them international exposure through an international audience.


Benefits and Aims

Just like any seminar, the main goal is to update and teach members of our society about tricks and tweaks in numerous subjects. We believe in continuous learning and adaptation to the present market, and we are ready to provide this opportunity to everyone and anyone. Moreover, our webinars are suspected to create a new market niche for local, as well as international coaches who aim to reach a wider audience and an exponential spread of knowledge worldwide. Also, our biggest aim is to reach new audiences in a time saving and cost-efficient manner.


Why Our Webinars?

Employees are overwhelmed with their day to day work and have less time to free themselves for full day workshops. In such difficult times, extra learning and acquiring new skills becomes a luxury.

Since we welcome all qualified coaches, we will not be limited to one style of coaching and will offer different styles to suit everyone's personality, different industries, and divorce backgrounds. We only partner with the best trainers in the region, who we know will make the webinars as interactive as possible in a span of 1 hour. The Webinars we are offering are suitable for both an individualistic scale, companies, and big corporations, and require a minimal investment. Lastly, a certificate of attendance will be issued for each attendee following each webinar.

Webinars are still not available in Lebanon and people are getting busier by the second and more accustomed to engaging in online activities. Besides, webinars are more accessible by everyone hence spreading knowledge on a wider scale and in a better cost-efficient way. Since we are in recruitment, we felt there is a need for additional skills as the job market is becoming very dynamic and requires skills that stand out. Therefore, we felt that educating the candidates to be open to such opportunities could be very crucial.

Jade N. Kfoury

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