June 2, 2023

Making Your Work Seem Less Like a Burden

We sometimes lose the spark we once had in our first week of work. Sometimes it's just easier to say we lost the motivation we once had while working rather than acknowledging the idea that we lost the purpose of our job.

There are a few things you and anyone can do to rediscover your purpose in your job, regardless of your position, salary, and profession.

Don't take work for granted. With an increase in job demands but so few jobs to offer, we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have to work for money. We sometimes don't know the worth of the things we have until they are taken away from us, and our jobs are one of those things we don't realize are vital.

Remember why you work. It is very rare to find someone who is working for the sake of working with no ties attached to their monthly income. Most of us work to provide rent, food, and pay bills. Others work to invest in their children, and if they have no kids, then they most likely support their parents. Individuals with no familial ties often support organizations they believe in or even have some friends to back.

When you are having a bad day and your tasks are just horrendous, remember who you are working for. Remember all the reasons why you chose to support your kids, parents, organization, and yourself, and try to keep those reasons at the forefront of your mind. This will help you gain more purpose in your work, even when you are having one of the worst days.

Invest in positive relationships. The people we work with are sometimes as important as what we work on. Both happiness and financial success are tied to the warmth of one's relationships, said psychologist Martin Seligman.

Take the time to get to know a new colleague each day. Getting closer and making connections in your workplace will reinforce more happiness for you and your colleagues. Try planning an event or outing to get to know your peers in a different light than the workplace. This will allow a two-way flow of motivation and empowerment.

Turn your dreams into reality. We all have dreams, and some of us just stop there. Others work hard to make their dreams come true. There are a few things you can do to help you attain your dreams more efficiently. Keep in mind that this means you will have to work harder than ever, all to meet a goal you have yet to reach, and do so happily in the long run.

Setting measurable goals that lead up to the big prize is one way to measure how you are progressing toward your dream. It is always better to look at the bigger scale of things rather than fixate on that one thing.

Have the right attitude. Being happy and successful in your work is co-dependent on having a good attitude. Many of us are born with great attitudes, just as many of us are pessimists by nature with plenty of negative attitudes

Working on flourishing your attitude is feasible with practice and mindfulness. Developing good interpersonal skills can boost your happiness as well as that of your colleagues. To do so, you could adopt certain tactics, such as always finding something nice to say, showing interest in your colleagues, being respectful towards everyone, being helpful, and lastly, being cheerful and positive. Being cheerful is one of those things that are highly reflected in an environment.

Jade N. Kfoury

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