November 16, 2018

Job Search in a Weak Job Market

You might allow bad economic news hinder you from job-hunting. In fact, many companies that announce layoffs today are hiring for new positions tomorrow.


Start your job search with a plan. Your plan should include the type(s) of job you seek, the employers you prefer, and a strategy for obtaining a position with one of your preferred employers.

Completing all the preparation (job-search strategy, writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for job interviews) — is the most essential element to your success in finding a new job. Create a resume that focuses on your key accomplishments and successes when describing your experience.

The best approach is a multifaceted approach, especially in a weak job market, using a number of job-search techniques (including networking, company job postings, recruitment agencies, job boards, cold contact, and job fairs). Additionally, do not ignore or underestimate the power of career networking; networking — using all the people you know (plus the people they know) to keep alert of job openings that match what you seek — is a crucial part of any job search.

Master your research skills. The quality of your research skills may make or break your job search. So, make the commitment to improve your research skills.

Set daily goals to complete several job-search activities (such as obtaining job leads, following-up job applications, making new network contacts, connecting with existing contacts, conducting informational interviews, revising your resume, responding to job postings, building your personal brand, going on job interviews, etc.).

Finally, do not fall for any job-hunting or work-at-home swindles. Reputable recruiters and headhunters earn their fees from employers, not job seekers.

Just embrace a positive attitude and start job searching and most of all, do not allow yourself to get easily discouraged or distracted; a long job-search is mentally exhausting, but the more you stay focused and upbeat the better your chances of success.


The Business Lobby Team


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