May 5, 2023

How to Spread Fun in the Workplace

It has been said that smile is contagious and that true happiness is obtained when helping others, but nowadays, as problems are coming from every side, we find it hard to think of others’ problems and tend to focus on solving our own issues.

However, this cannot be applied for leaders in the workplace; people look at them as role models, and ought as part of their leadership tasks to improve the situation for everyone. Leaders may not be able to solve their employees’ problems, but they could make them feel better, even for a moment, through making them happy; and as Dr. Mandan Kantaria said: “If laughter cannot solve your problems, it will definitely dissolve your problems; so that you can think clearly what to do about them”. Thus, one of the leader’s tasks is to make the workplace a better place, as happy people are both productive and enjoyable to be around.


To create a culture of joy in the workplace, a leader can make simple moves that would make great differences. Here are some ideas that would do miracles!

1-  Write down every day, on the white board a joke or an anecdote. Starting the day with a good laughter is great to boost the energy.

2-  Buy from time to time donuts or croissants to all the team. It would be good to have a ten minutes breakfast together before starting work.

3-  Learn what your team likes, and surprise them with some music that the majority of the team members likes.

4-  Do something nice spontaneously, you can hold the door to someone, help them if carrying heavy things, or simply help clean up after a meeting.

5-  Smile and always greet people with a smile; it is a magical tool that eliminates all obstacles; plus it is also contagious.

6-  Schedule opportunities to go out as a team and celebrate; you can party after reaching a goal or finalizing a project. Meeting away from the office enhances good relations among colleagues.

7-  Acknowledge someone’s work and praise him in public. Most people do need to be acknowledged in a positive manner.

8-  Remember the little things, such as birthdays, and surprise the birthday person with a cupcake, a congratulation note or even a small gift. It will mean the world to them and draw a smile on their face.

9-   Be compassionate; if someone is sick, call him to check on him, and if he had lost a dear person, present your condolences, and if they had a joyful occasion, congratulate them.

10-  Organize small parties at the office one day prior to the big holidays, and get the team together to exchange best wishes.

Remember to keep things balanced, and not allow gladness to interfere with efficiency. There is a time to laugh and a time to be serious and productive.

The Business Lobby team


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