September 22, 2023

How to Make Someone’s Day Better in the Workplace

We live in a quickly shifting world, where stress seems to be the common feeling among everyone we meet. This negative feeling tend to usually increase in the workplace, due to the nature of the work, its complexity, tight deadlines, competition, customer complaints, bad boss, financial problems and many other factors.

So, why not be that unique person who spreads a spirit of joy whenever he is, even in the workplace and make everyone’s day, or at least someone’s day? If you are a person who loves being around people, you can help spread joy, which is contagious by the way, with simple yet meaningful gestures.

1- Greet the people you meet: Saying hello to the people you see at work, in the elevator or elsewhere, even if you don’t know them, is a way to acknowledge their existence. It is a simple yet efficient way to make the ice melt and to develop some kind of discrete mutual respect.

 2- Give a sincere compliment: Many good things can be said to make someone happy. Acknowledge someone’s new hair cut, weight loss, promotion… Make sure to take time out to acknowledge a change in someone else’s. It's a big deal to them so make it a big deal for you.

 3-  Smile A smile has a magic role; it gives you a sweet look and creates a simple humanistic connection. A genuine smile can make a change even in the darkest days.

4- Call people and inquire about them Every now and then call your colleagues, ask about them, and about their latest news; this gives a sense of interest and develop good bond

5 - Share Every now and then bring to the office a home-made pie and share with your colleagues, or some donuts or fruits. Eating together means that you like being around people and improve the mood and the interaction.

6 -  Listen People sometimes need someone to listen to them only, without having to provide solutions. Listen to those who share their problems with you; this would make everyone’s day.

7- Believe in people’s goodness Don’t be skeptical and assume that people have bad intentions. On the contrary, believe in people’s goodwill until the opposite is proven. This allows you to give people a chance, and you never know, you may come across a real friend.

These are few tips that could help enhancing the workplace. So, tomorrow when you wake up and go to work, smile, greet, care, show appreciation, share, listen and mostly believe, you will see how this would positively affect you and the people around you.

The Business Lobby team.


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