February 28, 2023

Generation Z Invasion

Many of you thought that the hard part is over. Adapting to the era of Millennials was a tough phase that many companies and individuals suffered to deal with. However, let me tell you that your days of worrying, understanding, and adapting are not over yet. It’s time to pave the way for the newest generation to be introduced in the workplace.

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z are individuals who are born between the years 1996 and 2010, which implies that the oldest bunch of this generation are now 23-years-old and have already invaded your workplace. Don’t worry, if you have worked with millennials in the past few years, then you are a few steps ahead in understanding individuals from generation Z, however, it is no surprise that the two generations have many ways in which they differ.

Some of the differences in characteristic that Gen Z acquire compared to Millennials are the following:

  • More racial diversity.

  • Less traditional (nuclear) family backgrounds, more single-parent and same-sex parent families.

  • More likely to have friends from various ethnic, religious and racial groups.

  • More risk-adverse.

  • Less confident in the current economic system.

  • More inclined to entrepreneurialism.

  • More religious.

  • Spend more time online.

  • Use phones more than television for entertainment.

Gen Zers in The Workplace

Each person desires to make certain adaptations that correspond to their character in the workplace, but how great would it be if those adaptations were made by the work place to insure maximum work capacities from your Gen Z employees?

Among many qualities and adaptive methods in the work place, Generation Z individuals expect greater flexibility and chance to work collaboratively, remotely, and effortlessly across their numerous devices. Gen Z individuals are less accepting of authoritarian environments such as heretical corporate culture, they expect to have their input welcome and respected by their peers. Gen Zers find it important to make a meaningful influence to the world. According to Bloomberg, the Gen Z demographic will outnumber Millennials in the work place this year.

Gen Z and Technology

There is no doubt that the more we advance in technology, the faster generations interchange increasingly. Generation Z is the first generation which was exposed to technology at such a young age. This makes them great at texting and completely handy when it comes to the web. Many Gen Zers are gurus at their devices, mainly since they’ve had them for quite some time now.

In addition to mastering technologies, Gen Zers also master the art of tech-based relationships. They tend to turn to their technologies to learn new things, or even get advice, rather than turning to the people around them. Generation Z individuals expect things to work on the spot, and if those things fail them, they are great at finding alternatives.

Sure, having mystical skills and relationships with technology can be very handy in the workspace, however, many Gen Zers have difficulty with soft people skills. Having a conversation or looking someone in the eyes does not come as easy and naturally to Gen Zers as they do to other individuals says president of RecruitingDaily.com, William Tincup.

“Gen Zers are wired to want new challenges all the time so employers will need to change things up in order to retain them. -Forbes Magazine”

Your Success VS. Their

When it comes to finding success and meaning regarding what they work, Generation Z individuals respond to independence and purpose. Even more than millennials, they are highly independent and entrepreneurial individuals.

This comes in hand with the tech-smart benefit Gen Zers entertain and companies desire. It is nevertheless important to note that employers should understand that Generation Z candidates will need assistance to thrive with their soft skills.

Act Now!

Employers and companies should take the little information they have about Generation Z to their advantage and start experimenting with such individuals ASAP before it is too late to catch up with other companies.

With so much competition in the business world and a drive for improvement and success, businesses should act now in hiring, interacting with, talking to, members of Generation Z. getting to know your soon-to-be team members is key in in such situations since they might end up being the future face of the business industry.

Jade N. Kfoury

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