Mental Health in the workplace

In light of Mental Health Awareness Day that took place few weeks ago, I will dedicate this month’s newsletter to discuss the importance of considering mental health in the workplace. I mean, we all get stressed with payments, work, the long car rides due to traffic, and most importantly deadlines. Here is the thing, stress […]

Productivity Boost

Have you ever noticed how we tend to be the least productive during the days we need productivity on our side? Believing we can multitask while giving our strongest potential is a misconception we sometimes fail to admit to. Don’t get me wrong, most of us do that, but is it really the best way […]

Make or Break your Impression in an Interview

Skype interview or a traditional face to face interview, nothing much changes when you go through your Q cards. Assuming the questions you’ll be asked and finding the perfect answer. We’ve all been there, however, we can all agree that as prepared as we feel, there are always some questions that will catch us off […]

The Hype Concerning Internship Programs

Many of us have recently familiarized ourselves with the term “intern”. In case you still haven’t crossed paths with this term, today is your lucky day. Interns are mainly students or trainees who are trying to gain work experience or trying to meet certain qualifications regardless of getting payed. In most universities, internship programs are […]

Charisma is Not Innate

Many of us have the misconception regarding charisma. “it’s either you have it, or you don’t.” How would you feel if I told you that indeed it is a misconception? Charisma is something you learn, not something you are born with. It is a character trait that many of us wish we had, and others […]

Making Your Work Seem Less Like a Burdon

We sometimes lose the spark we once had on our first week of work. Sometimes it’s just easier to say we lost the motivation we once had while working rather than acknowledging the idea that we lost the purpose of our job. There are a few things you and anyone can do to rediscover your […]
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