Five Tips to Ace a Skype Interview

Skype has facilitated communication a lot, thus, nowadays; many employers prefer to undertake a Skype interview with potential candidates rather than asking them to come in person. Succeeding a job interview is not an easy task, here are some useful tips that would help you ace your interview. 1- Do you research and check out the […]

Everybody Makes Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, is a common statement that leaves a great deal of impact on employees and on the whole policy of a company. Some companies are more flexible than others with regards to mistakes; employees are allowed to commit a mistake once, and if this happens, all the employees support them to rectify the […]

How to Unveil a Company’s Culture

Deciding on the company to work in is extremely important for your career, and this becomes more and more important if you already had some bad previous experiences with companies that weren’t up to your standard. Thus, to be able to unveil the company’s culture, you should do some real investigation, combining both old and […]

Seven Golden Habits to Becoming Organized

We often dream of running a less chaotic house, office or life. We hope we could be able to work less and accomplish more. Being organized is not a dream, it is something that can become real with just few steps. Develop these habits and you would certainly decrease your stress level and increase your […]

Details to Keep For Yourself in an Interview

When attending an interview, people tend to be nervous. This is quite normal. However, an interview attendant should always remember what he should and should not talk about in an interview. Babbling about irrelevant or personal details may jeopardize the whole process and might cost you the chance to be qualified for a position you […]

7 Ways to Recognize a Leader

Leadership is, of course, subjective. Every leader has its own style, methods and specific abilities to make other individuals or teams follow him. However, there are some main features you can easily identify in leaders, among which seven important ones, we shall share with you, so that you develop your leadership skills, or even know […]