May 31, 2018

The first impression counts the most

Making a great first impression, especially during your first days at work, not only helps you better fit in your new environment, but also has a major impact on your future success with the organization. To make a great first impression you must be positive and enthusiastic for being part of the team and the organization; so show it to everyone you interact with.

The clothes you wear are equally important, so dress to impress; you never know when an important meeting is called. Bonding with your colleagues also plays a major role: Learn their names as quickly as you can and show your readiness to be a good team player. No one expects you to do it on your own, so ask questions and solicit help whenever you need it. By doing so, in addition to attending orientations and taking notes, you show that you are open-minded. Take initiative and don’t wait for people to assign tasks for you; this shows you are proactive. Punctuality and discipline send the best message when it comes to work ethics, so be there on time and don’t leave early. Gossiping and talking about politics will only blemish your image, so avoid it as much as possible and also avoid doing personal business during office hours. Small actions go a long way so listen more, talk less, track your own accomplishments, show appreciation and gratitude, set yourself goals and accomplish them, keep your boss in the loop of what is going on and finally do not forget to keep working on yourself by attending classes, seminars and courses.

When starting a new job you’ll be faced with both difficulties and opportunities, and your goal should be to make the most of all situations.

The Business Lobby team.


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