May 31, 2018

How to expand your job search?

Searching for a job is quite an exhausting experience. After searching for days and months, sometimes, and after checking every opening on every board, reaching out to everyone in your network, and not being able to reach what you are searching for, you think that there is nothing anymore to be done. Well, you’re wrong, maybe it’s time to become creative and search for jobs from another perspective.

Here are a few tips to try, before raising up your hands and giving up on your search for a suitable job:
1-     When navigating recruitment networks and companies, don’t search for the job by title, but rather by the skills requested for it. Don’t worry, this won’t lead to wasting your time and driving you into a vague search; on the contrary, it will open new horizons for you, and allow you to measure all aspects of the job, to determine whether it suits you or not.

2-     Don’t limit your search to well-known companies, but have a look at new and emerging companies, as well as on new industries, to have a more comprehensive search scope.

3-     Refer to professional associations and special interest groups to better understand the market needs and identify emerging jobs.

4-     Don’t wait around for opportunities, seek them yourselves. Not all vacancies are publicly announced, some of the most important ones are announced internally in companies. Make a list of the companies you are interested in, check them online, see if you know someone there and contact him, and if not, call the company and ask for an introductory meeting.

5-     Update your LinkedIn profile to make sure it reflects your interests and skills.

6-     Follow companies and people on Twitter that are influential in the areas you are interested in. Commenting and engaging in the resulting conversation can lead to job possibilities.

When you are exhausted of all other options, it is good that you open up for new horizons and
search for jobs in a non-traditional way, try up these methods, and you would certainly gain.


The Business Lobby Team


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