May 31, 2018

How to detect a toxic worker?

Nowadays, some companies tend to focus on productivity and ignore values and other traits that must be found in employees. They care about the result much more than the mean, and focus on achieving immediate goals and results rather than long term and sustainable objectives.    
However, if you are an employer that cherishes values and cares about preserving a good reputation, you should be able to detect a toxic worker. To do so, here are few signs that would considerably help.

Toxic workers are usually self-regarding; they don’t think before they take decisions, as they only take the decisions that are beneficial to them, regardless of their effects on others and on the Company in general.

Toxic workers are over-confident; they are over-optimistic about outcomes, and thus they do not fully recognize the risks associated to their wrong actions.

Toxic workers always blame everyone else for their failures; they never admit that they did anything wrong and always find a justification for themselves and someone to blame for their mistakes.

In addition, no employee wants to work with them, and clients tend to ask for another person to deal with them.

Toxic workers act like lambs in the public and wolves in private; they don’t mind pretending to love you and praise you in the open while talking behind your back and insulting you.

Toxic workers like to create drama, and they hit when least expected, simply because they enjoy it, and they have bad attitudes and spread it around. They also harass others and bully them.

So, keep your eyes open and detect any toxic employee before it is too late, as toxic workers make the company pay high prices; they push quality employees to leave, they cause problems and poison the work environment.


The Business Lobby Team



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