June 1, 2018

How to Attract Positive Energy in the Workplace

Everything is energy. Energy is powerful enough to create your success or promote your demise. Everything you involve yourself in is a result of the energy you contribute. You may have the experience, knowledge, skill, and a long history of success; however, if you approach a new project, a meeting, a new job, an employee, your boss, or a customer with infected/negative energy, you should also be prepared to take responsibility for the consequences. So, having a positive attitude in the workplace is something that is essential and can help you succeed more.


Here are a few positive thinking tips to help you remain positive and think positive thoughts at work.

Avoid negative thoughts
This is not an easy task, especially when you are around others that have a positive outlook on life or are having a bad day. By thinking positive, you are changing your mood and this can help others around you have a more positive outlook on things.

Think about solutions
Rather than dwelling on how bad a certain day or situation is going, focus on how you can fix it to make it more positive. Giving up will only set you up for failure, so you better remain positive and never give up.

Take action

Take it even one step further than offering solutions to the problems about which you are complaining. Offer to help implement those solutions.

Eliminate the word "I Can't" from your vocabulary
When you tell yourself that you can't do something, you are only going to believe yourself. By having a positive mental being and saying things such as "I can" or "I will", you are setting yourself up for big accomplishments. Take some initiative to find solutions to things that are not going right.

Make sure your criticism is constructive

Don't just complain; be ready to offer solutions to the problems you are pointing out.

Don't try to fix what isn't broken

There are some people who think everyone else is doing things the wrong way. They want to make changes just for the sake of having input. Concentrate your energy on fixing things that are truly in need of repair.

Spread positive energy
If you are having a great day and notice that others around you are down in the dumps, by smiling or spreading your positive energy to the workplace, you can help others become happier making the work place a happier place to be.

These positive thinking tips can help you achieve great things if you really want to and you can also help others get a more positive outlook as to what they are doing.

Here is also a very fun exercise that, if applied, will help you spread positive energy in your workplace, family and all your life:

What would happen if tomorrow, you decided that your mission for the day was going to be that you tried to change the mood of every person you encounter?

So, come on, pick a day, any day, and forget about yourself and spread positive energy to others. It doesn't matter if you are working, you have co-workers don't you, or even if you are at home alone. Go anywhere people may be, and spread some positive energy. I think you will be shocked at how good it makes you feel... and you want to feel good... don't you?




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